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  • Therapeutic massage is designed to treat a specific condition and a licensed professional is trained to assist with soft tissue injuries and dysfunctions, as well as support general recovery. Extensive training enables the therapist to take a thorough history and identify contraindications (reasons to not massage).                                                       Make an appointment by calling Carlos at (239)677-8553

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  • Shoulder and arm muscles Anterior view Human Anatomy Quiz part 1Anterior view of left shoulder and arm muscles.

            Name muscles:

    1. ___________
    2. ___________
    3. ___________
    4. ___________
    5. ___________
    6. ___________
    7. ___________
    8. ___________
    9. ___________Shoulder and arm muscles Posterior view some muscles removed Human Anatomy Quiz part 1Shoulder and arm muscles Posterior view Human Anatomy Quiz part 1
    10. ___________
    11. ______________


     Posterior view of left shoulder and arm muscles.


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  • Reflexology 4351345 l 300x289 Fight Chronic Foot Pain with Massage Treatment and Natural OilsMassage and natural oils are effective treatments for chronic foot pain.
    Massage therapy is particularly effective at treating metatarsalgia, ball of foot pain, and Morton’s Neuroma, an enlarged nerve between the third and fourth toes. This therapy decrease bone and joint issues and reduce swelling so that sensitive nerve endings in the feet can heal.

    A study published in the Journal Acupuncture in Medicine suggests that massaging the bottoms of the feet increases blood flow to the feet, relieving pain. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage treatments using thumb work are most effective.
    Additionally, natural oils such as menthol (mint leaves), camphor and eucalyptus, soothe and cool feet and facilitate blood flow to areas of pain. Aloe also helps to hydrate and clean feet, and Epson salts help detoxify feet and reduce inflammation.
    Foot pain is often caused by too much impact, certain intense physical activities and wearing the wrong shoes.

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  • Craniosacral 3120327 l 300x225 The Increasingly Use of Craniosacral Therapy.

    Craniosacral therapy, a light-touch, hands-on therapy, is an increasingly popular alternative modality that may provide substantial benefits.

    Craniosacral therapy detects and corrects imbalances in the membranes and fluids that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord and releases restrictions in the connective tissues throughout the body. Patients seek the therapy to treat ailments such as migraines, neck and back pain, orthopedic problems, stress and tension-related problems, autism and chronic fatigue.

    Practitioners have reported that after craniosacral therapy treatments their clients frequently experienced substantial pain reduction and were often able to discontinue or reduce their reliance on pain medications. Physical and occupational therapists reported that the diminished pain allowed their clients to more fully participate in rehabilitation exercises.


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  • 9046389 l 300x229 Massage and music therapies may reduce post surgical painA Mayo Clinic study found that the patients who received massages following surgery had an average pain score of less than one, while those who did not receive a massage had an average pain score of three.

    Another study cited in the article, by the Department of Veterans Affairs, studied more than 600 veterans who had undergone major surgery and found that those who received massage therapy following surgery experienced a faster decrease in pain intensity and reduced anxiety in the first four days after surgery than did those who did not receive massage therapy.Mayo Clinic studies also found positive effects on patient recovery from surgery from both ambient music and the use of guided imagery, and a study by the Touch Research Institute in Miami found that 10 minutes of hand massage and music reduced agitation in a group of elderly patients.

    Massage and music therapies may not eliminate the need for prescription pain medication entirely, but it may result in lower doses or medication used for a shorter duration of time.The article cited that the American Music Therapy Association’s studies on pain management and anxiety shown that the use of music can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and relax muscle tension both before and after surgery

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  • Aromatherapy 3528079 l 300x200 Aromatherapy Can Enhance LearningIncorporating the sense of smell can help children learn, according to Margaret Hyde.

    Hyde is the author of the children’s book series “Mo’s Nose” that incorporates scent into reading and learning.

    “Researching and creating these scent-filled adventures, I discovered that the sense of smell is a powerful and overlooked part of how we learn, experience and remember,” wrote Hyde. “Smells create ‘Proustian Memories,’ which are long-term memories that elicit strong emotional responses.”

    According to the article, research has shown that the more senses that are used while learning, the more long-lasting the effect on memory.

    Hyde referenced a 2002 study in Russia that found that school children exposed to peppermint aroma improved grades on tests.
    According to Hyde, “The sense of smell is our most powerful sense: 10,000 times more powerful than the other senses and directly connected to the limbic system, which is the place in the brain where memories and emotions are processed.“

    Here are some simple steps to incorporate smell into children’s learning:

    1. Buy and let your children smell 100-percent essential oils and see what scent they like and respond to, including peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon leaf, grapefruit and lavender.
      • Peppermint: helps improve memory and test scores.
      • Spearmint: similar to peppermint but milder
      • Cinnamon Leaf: Energizing, focusing and revitalizing, cinnamon leaf enhances active reasoning.
      • Grapefruit: Stimulating
      • Lavender: calming, relaxing and refreshing scent; good for relaxing after school or after homework
    2. Buy a room diffuser to run while your child is studying and doing homework.
    3. Pack a handkerchief or small cloth with a few drops of oil that you use in your diffuser for your child to take to school.
  • Most people know that an outcome of getting a massage is relaxing, but there has not been much physiological proof of the body’s enhanced immune response following massage until now.
    Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center reported that a single massage produced measurable changes in the immune system and endocrine system of healthy adults.

    The researchers, led by Dr. Mark Rapaport, studied 29 healthy adults who received a 45-minute Swedish massage and 24 healthy adults who had a 45-minute session of light touch massage, a much milder exercise that served as a comparison to the more vigorous Swedish massage. Blood samples were taken before the massage began and at regular intervals up to one hour after the massage was completed.

    The study found several changes in the blood tests of the Swedish massage group that indicated a benefit to the immune system. For example, Swedish massage caused considerable decreases in arginine vasopressin, a hormone that contributes to aggressive behavior, and small decreases in the stress hormone cortisol. The Swedish massage participants also had an increase in lymphocytes, cells that help the immune system defend the body from harmful substances.  

    So next time you seek out to pamper yourself, as part of a healthy lifestyle, you will know that a massage does not only feel good, it may be good for you as well.