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  • Energize Naturally with ENADA

    10320688 l 300x195 Energize Naturally with ENADAENADA is the ONLY patented, stabilized, absorbable oral form of NADH available.
    NADH is a coenzyme naturally present in all living cells that is necessary for energy production and cellular development. It is also essential to the functioning of the body’s immune system. NADH triggers energy production in all cells by generating ATP, the body’s energy storehouse.
    NADH stimulates production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters, which help to improve mental clarity, alertness and concentration. NADH is a powerful antioxidant, and it plays a key role in repairing damage to DNA.
    In a recent FDA-approved study conducted at Georgetown Medical Center, CFS patients taking ENADA NADH were four times more likely to improve than those taking a placebo. During a longer follow-up study, it was observed that 73% of the subjects achieved marked improvement over time. This study marked one of the only times the FDA has approved testing of a nutritional supplement for potential medical benefit. Leading CFS doctors and researchers recommend ENADA to increase energy levels and improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition to its positive effects on CFS, ENADA has shown tremendous potential as a natural anti-depressant. In a recent study of 205 patients suffering from depression, all benefited from ENADA. In the study, ENADA was shown to alleviate symptoms of depression such as hopelessness, guilt, sleep disturbances and suicidal thoughts. NADH helps to balance brain chemical such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine.
    NADH is a valuable tool in the fight against aging especially age-related mental decline. ENADA NADH can energize aging or degenerative brain cells. Also, its ability as an antioxidant can protect the brain from cellular damage due to free radicals. Studies in Alzheimer’s patients have been very encouraging. ENADA is currently being tested at Georgetown University Medical Center for the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, and in long-term CFS studies.
    ENADA is not just for those with chronic disease or age-related illness. It is used by athletes who want to gain an edge and by individuals wanting to naturally and safely increase energy levels.
    ENADA is very safe with no side effects. It has no known interaction with prescription medications or other supplements.

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