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  • Beet Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

    Researchers at Barts and The London School of Medicine demonstrated that drinking two cups of beetroot juice daily significantly reduced blood pressure in healthy volunteers.
    The secret is the nitrate in the beetroot juice, which is responsible for lowering the volunteers’ blood pressure.
    In the human body, nitrate is converted to nitric oxide, a substance that is known for its ability to dilate blood vessels and subsequently reduce blood pressure. The humanBeet 7915470 l 300x297 Beet Juice Lowers Blood Pressure body produces nitric oxide naturally. Unfortunately, nitric oxide production declines progressively with age.
    Among the study participants, blood pressure fell within just one hour of drinking the beetroot juice, with the greatest drop occurring three to four hours following consumption. The blood pressure-lowering effects continued for up to 24 hours afterward.
    Recently, however, some scientists have begun investigating the roles played by other plant compounds, particularly nitrate. Nitrate occurs naturally in many vegetables, including spinach, cabbage, radishes and, of course, beets.
    Just make sure you take into account the extra calories and sugar. A two-cup serving of beetroot juice contains around 200 calories and 50 grams of carbohydrates. If you don’t adjust your daily caloric intake, adding two cups of the juice daily could lead to a weight gain of about a pound and a half a month, which could potentially offset the beetroot-derived cardiovascular benefits.
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