floridamassageshiatsuShiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique which means “pressure with fingers,” and it is known in the West by the rather inexact term “Acupressure”, because the pressure is applied to various parts of the body which correspond with the points and energy lines used in acupuncture.

Besides utilizes pressure on specific points, Shiatsu incorporate stretching, manipulation of joints and percussive movements with the fingers along the twelve meridians or energy channels of the body to help re-energize weak areas, relax tensions and help the body to balance itself  and to work harmoniously.

Because this modality of massage seeks to realign and balance the energies within the body, clients with emotional and spiritual conditions find it very helpful.

This technique has a long list of benefits and includes: helping client relieving pain and stress like headaches and migraines; respiratory illnesses including asthma and bronchitis, sinus troubles and catarrh; insomnia; tension, anxiety and depression; fatigue and weakness; digestive disorders and bowel trouble; painful menstruation and some other urino-genital conditions; circulatory problems; rheumatic and arthritic complaints, back trouble, sciatica and conditions following sprains and injuries .

It is typically performed on a clothed client on the floor.